Welcome to the Katz Korner Web Site which is all about Swing, Lindy and the music and style of the era's 1930's, 40's and 50's. The term Lindyhop is said to have originated from Charles Lindbergh's crossing of the Atlantic. The headline in the New York Times read "Lindy Hops The Pond" and so the term Lindyhop was born in the Savoy Ballroom New York in the 1930's and proved to be extremely popular.

The guys and gals who went there became known as hepcats because they were sharp dressers and cool dancers. They danced to the big swing band sounds of the era. The area in the Savoy Ballroom where all the best dancers gathered became known as Katz Korner and so this website is dedicated to "keepin the music alive" and reliving the style and dance of that era. We organise Swing Dances and Events throughout the year - provide dance lessons and Swing dancers for events. So if Swing is your thing - this is for you.

We are available for private parties (weddings etc.) - corporate events - film work - shows.111